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Wuxi Zhenya provide non-standard equipment design and proces
    Wuxi Zhenya Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has an experienced team of design and manufacture of stainless steel tanks that can provide non-standard equipment stainless steel heat exchangers, storage tanks and other steel-lined tanks pp processing design technical support, customers can provide pictures, so we have to process, or have a need for customers to provide elements of stainless steel tanks and other solutions, we have to process design.
     Our company has decades of experience in anti-corrosion chemical production equipment to ensure that each piece of equipment can be designed to meet industry standards, and the actual use has been proven to be safe and effective.
Choice of material is selected high-quality polypropylene sheet, to ensure that the raw material is pure, value for money, safe and secure.
     Zhenya to serve you! ! ! Huanyin call: 0510-83389776
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Specializing in the production of stainless steel tanks, stainless steel heat exchanger production and sales of the manufacturers, Zhenya is your best partner!