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Advantage of the characteristics related to stainless steel
    Stainless steel tanks stainless steel due to the special nature of its construction but also with carbon steel, low alloy steel tanks there are some different, especially with regard to anti-carburizing, welding deformation and the inner wall surface treatment, prevention and control in the production of stainless steel storage tank, the tank plate coil will use a soft roll of canvas coated protective measures, so as to effectively prevent wall surface scratches, but also with a hydraulic lift to replace hand-pulled down the chain to improve, thereby reducing labor intensity and improve work efficiency. Also for the austenitic stainless steel is easy to produce welding deformation characteristics, the development of effective prevention and control measures for different welding deformation welding parts separately, and to optimize the adjustment panel welding sequence, the inner wall surface treatment innovative use of hand-held mechanical polishing and closed loop spray pickling passivation to better quality and higher efficiency.
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